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This mug is SPECIAL!

It is a warm reminder that U R LOVED but ALSO..... has a little QR code for you to share with anyone that might need a little help.  

It links to the U R LOVED Linktree with resources for SO many tough things people could be going through (like depression, bullying, human trafficking etc) BUT all the help is in one place.

Real help for people who are hurting.  


This is a great mug for the workplace becuase you never know who you might cross paths with that could use this link.  :) 


This makes it easy to share as we all know someone who is having a tough day and it's hard ot know what help they need. This queit little link could save someones life. 



The Front photo is Koda in her red furrr-rari and the back is the rear view of Koda with the U R LOVED Heart and tiny QR code. 

Makes a great gift to someone also who may need a smile. 


The link goes here:



Fun Fact:

A portion of the proceeds will go to Koda's Nonprofit Smiles Fur Miles, INC which will help Koda and the therapy dogs in the program continue the following projects in the community

- Random acts of kindness in the community
- Pet therapy visits to hospitals, schools, first responders & local businesses
- Educational videos and projects promoting Drivers Safety, anti bullying, & human trafficking awareness

-The creation and distribution of digital pet therapy. Videos that make the world a happier place and spread positivity

-Videos and projects supporting first responders

U R LOVED Koda The Fluff Mug


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