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There is a beautiful mansion nestled next to a lake in Clermont that Koda visited "in a dream"! This mansion had all sorts of amazing rooms and fun things to do. Koda had so much fun there that she thought "how wonderful would it be to share this place with a few families that could really use some fun". The owner of the mansion, Dave loved the idea and he had a big heart too! HE let Koda use it. His friend Jerry helped Dave and they were "The Butlers" they hosted the entire event with Koda! 

Koda asked all her followers online if they knew anyone with children who had tough medical journeys. SO many families were recommended so Koda had to narrow it down to 3 families. 

One was named Elliott and he had some really unique instances with his heart so it was about half the size, this meant Elliott had lots and LOTS of surgeries and Koda knew him and his family would love a fun adventure.

The second child was named Rosie, She was  diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma when she was 3 years old. Her cancer was very aggressive. Koda notified the family they won the dream house adventure trip and just a few weeks before the Dreamhouse Adventure stay Rosie went to heaven. Her family decided they needed a good distraction and still came to the dream house. We were so glad they came so we could spoil them and wrap our support around them. 

The third child was Sarah! Sarah had just completed her final chemo treatment and actually met Koda at the hospital wone day leaving an appointment! It was all meant to be. 

The families came to the dream house and we had so many people in the community volunteer different things. A chef volunteered to cook every meal and got all the food. A Massage team came out and gave the parents massages and gift baskets poured in from various businesses in the community. The police even came out along with the City Manager of Clermont to welcome them. 

A group of ladies from a local nonprofit called "The Flockers" helped butler and wait on the families. A horse event company brought out unicorns and a local ice-cream truck and DJ came out to throw them a big party. 

We all lighted lanterns and floated them on the pool one night for Rosie. It was a beautiful thing. 

This project showed the power of community. When we all join together for a good cause it is magical. 

We hope this video inspires you to do something in your local community or show some love to a family that needs it.

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