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This mug is about our educational Drive Safe video series! This mug is a great reminder to drive safe and make sure you are pay attention to the road rules and traffic laws in your community. There is a handy dandy QR code on the side of this mug so you can easily share the drive safe videos with a friend or co worker at the office. We hope this mug helps send a frendly safe driving reminder and also shows love to local law enforcement keeping our communities safe.  Drive safe everyone!



Fun Fact:

A portion of the proceeds will go to Koda's Nonprofit Smiles Fur Miles, INC which will help Koda and the therapy dogs in the program continue the following projects in the community

- Random acts of kindness in the community
- Pet therapy visits to hospitals, schools, first responders & local businesses
- Educational videos and projects promoting Drivers Safety, anti bullying, & human trafficking awareness

-The creation and distribution of digital pet therapy. Videos that make the world a happier place and spread positivity

-Videos and projects supporting first responders

Drive Safe Police Mug by Koda The Fluff

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