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This story is very true, and dear to many of us. A woman wit stage 4 cancer got in touch with us asking for her last wish to be a visit from Koda but she lived allll the way in Tennessee and Koda lives in Florida.... BUT a group of incredible humans came together and something wonderful happened...

This story shows the power of community and how we can all join together for good.

We hope you watch all three parts and this inspires you to never hesitate to show love to someone who may need it. 

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The Last Wish (The videos explained)

This team of amazing humans joined Koda in a project dear to my heart...called THE LAST WISH. All for a beautiful soul named Linda, dealing with stage 4 cancer. Her last wish was to meet me. BUT something even more wonderful happened. Koda started to reach out to all her connections and one by one people stepped up to help make a trip possible. 

While the trip was getting planned Koda would call Linda every few days and text her getting to know her. 

Koda learned Linda was very lonely and didn't have a lot of people in her life. Linda also used to have a teacup yorkie named Pebbles. This dog was very dear to Linda. However, Linda was married at the time to a very mean and abusive man. One day when Linda and her husband were having a yard sale and Linda went to the grocery store getting them both lunch. When she got back her dog Pebbles was GONE. Her husband said he sold her to some girl walking by for $15. Linda was HEARTBROKEN. 

She had never had a dog since and her husband passed away a few years later. 

Koda knew what do right after learning this. Koda didn't want Linda to be alone after we visited her Koda got an emotional support dog that was the same breed as pebbles and half Koda (Half Yorkie/ Half Pomeranian). Koda even made sure to pick a dog that had the same colors as Koda! 

The most fun part is Koda kept the pup a secret.


She had her trained by a local trainer in Florida and Koda's contacts at the FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association in Tampa even volunteered and donated supplies for this dog and even helped pay for it! 

The FBI in Tampa connected Koda with the FBI in Tennessee and they helped coordinate the whole visit. Making sure there was ground transportation and a safe place to meet Linda. 

A local Vet in Tennessee, Henderson Animal Clinic didn't even hesitate and donated alllll the care for this little emotional support dog for Linda as well!

So Linda didn't have to worry about a thing. They spayed and updated all shots for the pup even groomed it.

Koda made sure to even coordinate a local family who just happened to own a K9 training facility to be an "Angel family" for this pup in case Linda couldn't care for it or passed on. 

So this little dog was completely stress free and set up to keep Linda company and make her feel loved. 

Koda had the Police in Clermont who responded to the call join Koda on the trip. The local FL dog trainer also tagged along to make sure the emotional support dog was well cared for on the journey. 

When we arrived in Tennessee, we met Linda and she was overwhelmed with tears of joy. (You just have to watch the video!) 

When Koda got to know Linda on the phone in Florida one thing she told Koda was how she had been abused her whole life physically/emotionally. Koda wanted to visit a group of humans in Tennessee with Linda when she was there to show Linda the power of sharing joy and how it can help you feel happy when you are so so sad inside. So Koda and her contact at the FBI Tennessee, Jennifer both decided they should visit the 

"Carl Perkins Center". Which is a child abuse investigation center. This was the perfect place to bring joy. Koda and Linda met the staff of Carl Perkins Center and they were so excited to meet them both. 

The best part is -The center told Koda they would love for Linda to bring her new surprise pup there on occasion to cheer them up later! This would give Linda PURPOSE and drive to get up every day. It also would help heel her soul. 

After the visit at Carl Perkins -Koda surprised Linda with their pup outside by a shady tree. LINDA WAS THRILLED. She named the pup Mika. 

The next hour was spent introducing her to the vet that donated all the care and walking Linda through the dog supplies and training info. We also had her meet the angel family. 

Koda learned that Linda wanted a butterfly release at her funeral -but Koda had a better plan in mind. She brought butterflies to release with her before Koda left to travel back home. So they could enjoy the butterflies together and enjoy it. 

It was perfect. The butterflies even landed on Linda's face and hands. There were not a lot of dry eyes in the group. 

Everyone said their goodbyes and and all piled on a plane and flew back to Florida. 

All in the same day. 

Linda stayed in touch with Koda and had some wonderful days with Mika. 

Only a month later Linda's health started to decline fast... She was originally told she had 3-4 years left but after meeting we all could sense it was much less. 

Little did we know it was a matter of weeks. 

As Linda started to quickly fade, she had Jenn from the FBI come take Mika. 

Linda was transported to Hospice where she passed just 5 weeks after we visited her. 

She had a a set of butterfly wings by her bed to remind her of Koda/Mika. 

Her family had another butterfly release at her funeral just as she wished. 

Mika is happy and healthy in her new forever home with a family from the FBI in Tennessee. They love her dearly.

Koda thinks about Linda often and has her photo by her bed. 

Very glad we didn't hesitate to make this woman's last wish come true and her final weeks as bright as they could be.  



This amazing group of humans listed below all came together to help one woman who felt alone -feel loved and seen. So Incredible... We hope this story brings love to anyone out there feeling alone. U R LOVED! We also hope this inspires you and warms your heart like it did ours. #urloved #smilesfurmiles



Clermont Police Department (FL) : Crisis Response

Tommy's Boats : Travel Costs

FBI - Tampa : Coordination with TN FBI

FBI - Memphis : Ground transportation & Visit coordination

Henderson County Animal Clinic, PLLC. :All Vet care for the Support Dog

FBI Tampa Citizens Academy Alumni Association: Supplies and costs for emotional support dog.

K-9 Services Unlimited LLC : Angel Family for support dog in TN & Training.

Pat The Dog :Support dog training in FL/ Transport to TN

Mrs. Womack: Temp Care for Support Dog/ House Training in FL

Henderson County Sheriff's Department Tennessee: Ground Transport TN

Tennessee Highway Patrol :Ground Transport TN

Miller & Miller Investigative and Security: Ground Transport FL

Henderson County Carl Perkins Center: Allowing Support dog to cheer up staff/children.

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