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About KODA


Koda is a purebred Pomeranian from Illinois but lives in Orlando, Florida. Koda was born on Dec 8th, 2014. 

Koda is a female! She has lived with her owner Jena since she left the breeder at 6 months old. 

The secret to Koda's success is 99% her awesome personality and 1% her first trick ever learned -which was to STAY. This makes all the fun costumes, videos and driving her car super fun and easy for her. She gets loads of treats and attention during her visits/videos so she loves it a lot. Check out the video at the bottom of this page to see how excited I get to ride in my car! 

She has been driving around in her car for over a year now! She stayed in it no problem first try. Koda's breeder specializes in companion dogs with great behavior. This also helps with Koda's awesome disposition. 

Koda is a registered Therapy Dog with Beyond the Leash Pet Therapy which is the Main provider for pet therapy at Orlando Health locations across Florida and even Disney Parks!  You can learn more about Beyond the Leash at

Koda got started doing therapy visits in the Hospitals in 2021. Koda was set back a bit due to Covid shutting down the program in 2020 which is why she is just now getting started.

Typically pet therapy takes place in hospitals and senior centers etc. BUT Koda is taking it to another leve and visiting everyday work places. We figured lots of people working everyday jobs could really use some cheering up and smiles so we set out to local businesses as well!


Contact us to set up a visit to cheer up your staff and bring some happy vibes to your work place! We will do our best to swing by.  

All Koda's Visits are completely free -making the world a happier place!

Fun facts about Pet Therapy:

Pet therapy can promote total body wellness in children and adults. 

Learn more about the benefits of Pet Therapy: 



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13900 County Rd 455 Ste 107, Clermont, FL 34711

Business Mail: 


6909 OLD HIGHWAY 441 S STE 112

MOUNT DORA, FL 32757-7039

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