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Koda's CHildren's BOOKS!



Koda's Books


Koda was scrolling instagram one day ....when suddenly a beautiful unique portrait drawing of Koda popped up! It was a drawing of Koda by Lindsey Moreland. Koda quickly messaged Lindsey a BIG THANK YOU and reposted it. 

But it gets better... 

After some thought and chats with Lindsey and her family, we learned much more about Lindsey! She is Autistic and absolutely passionate about art and drawing. So much so, that Lindsey is a self taught artist! She even co-authored a children's book called Little Lindsey's Haircut. Lindsey is really passionate about spreading the message that if one is autistic or has any other hurdles they are struggling with -you shouldn't let that hold you back from living your dream. Just so happens, Lindsey wants to be an artist...SO SHE IS! 


After learning about Lindsey and seeing how much they both had in common in their goals and values, Koda had the great idea to have her illustrate a series of Children's Books. These books are about allllll of the adventures and fun things in our Videos. So Koda hopped on a plane and flew all the way to Minneapolis to meet Lindsey in person and get a children's book series sorted out. 

Lindsey was OVER THE MOON to be selected to illustrate for Koda and started on sketches right away!  

The  books will all be modeled after the video adventures of Koda promoting happiness, driver's safety, anti bullying and other topics that will cheer up and educate our communities. 


Our hope is that these books will make their way to schools and families all over the world and not only bring happiness and educate on important topics in a fun way -but bring awareness to Autism as well. 

The coolest part about all these books is that they are TRUE STORIES... All things Koda has done.

They will help make the world a happier place one smile at a time. 

When You Buy Koda's Books You Help Make the World A Better Place

Half of the profit from EVERY book will go to Lindsey and 

her journey with Autism projects at AutismLM 

& the other half will go to Koda's nonprofit SMILES FUR MILES, INC. helping Koda and the other dogs that will be in her pet therapy team rolling and doing educational projects and other great things in the world!  

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