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Big projects ancor


These are recaps of projects we are really proud of. Where a random idea turned into something wonderful and lots of amazing people came together to help us. We hope these inspire you and warm your heart wherever you may be watching in the world. #smilesfurmiles 

Dreamhouse adventure title video.jpg

The Dreamhouse Adventure

Koda had dream one day that she went to this beautiful mansion by the lake with alllll sorts of fun magical things at it and had the most wonderful adventure. SO what better than to share such an amazing place with some people that really deserve it. Koda talked to the owner of the mansion and he agreed to let her use it for 3 days!


Koda gave away an all inclusive 3 day stay at the dream house to 3 families with children who had tough medical journeys. The entire town came together and donated items/experiences to help make it incredible!!! Watch all the videos about what took place for the Dreamhouse Adventure and the positive impact it had on the families & Community. 

The Last Wish

This one is really special... and very true. 

Koda got a message from the police department that a woman in Tennessee left a voicemail for Koda. She was very sad and crying and asked to meet Koda as her dying wish.

Koda figured out what seemed impossible and got a trip together. So many people came together to make the trip possible including the FBI in Tampa all the way up to FBI Tennessee! Koda and the police went with to Tennessee to surprise this wonderful sweet woman. Koda even had another surprise up her fluff and got a special look alike pup to be an emotional support dog for this woman so she didn't have to be alone. 

Watch the entire story. It will warm your heart and bring back faith in humanity. 

Part 3.jpg
cover image of koda in the ladder to heaven video

Ladder To Heaven

A woman in New York reached out to us about a little girl in the community whose Daddy was a firefighter but he passed away at work in a tragic accident. 

She wanted Koda to do something to cheer her up and send her some smiles and warm feelings. 

Koda got the local fire department to help with this little project to send her some love. 

Stay Tuned For More Projects..

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