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  • Jena Mckinstry

Koda The Fluff Visits The Fraser Festival in Minnesota -Event helping raise 170K for Autism!

I got an invite to be a part of a SUPER cool festival with all sorts of unique sensory stations for children/families! It was alllll the way in Minnesota so I flew up there to see my children's book illustrator, Lindsey Moreland and attend this festival with her. We went to help the festival raise money for their nonprofit facility. They eneded up bringing in over 170K!!! WOWzers.

I had a little stage set up with my new teleportation box "The Rocket Fluff" and I had books for the kids attending. I drove around and took pictures with everyone and fluffed up the event!

It was an honor to help support the Autism community and teams that work so hard for them at Fraser. Fraser had a big part in helping my illustrator, Lindsey with her diagnosis of Autism and helping her in her journey. Such an honor to be a part of this!

This is Lindsey my Illustrator (Center) and Diane S. Cross (The CEO of Fraser) on Right!

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