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  • Jena Mckinstry

Koda the Fluff Received Award from the FBI -Director's Community Leadership Award 2023

I am so humbled and honored to receive this very unexpected award from the FBI. The team at the Tampa field office saw the community videos I have done with local law enforcement on driver's safety. Also, the random acts of kindness and pet therapy projects with law enforcement. Working hard on these projects through our nonprofit Smiles Fur Miles, INC they have been recognized and awarded by the FBI at their annual Director's Community Leadership Award ceremony. They sent me all the way to the FBI headquarters in DC to meet the director, Christopher Wray and receive the award. It was unforgettable and so monumental to be recognized by this agency.

In addition to the couple projects with the FBI Citizens Academy in Tampa -I am working on a few more very important public safety topics like human trafficking red flag situations, elder scams and other important topics making educational/awareness videos.

Enjoy the pics and video of the award ceremony below.

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